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Nihad Hrustanbegovic, Accordion
Nihad Hrustanbegovic, the Bosnian/Dutch Concert Accordionist, Pianist, Composer from Amsterdam, has now released his fifth solo album entitled “Black Orpheus” which was recorded in the “Pavarotti Music Centre” in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is available only in digital MP3 format. You will enjoy his jazz interpretations very much; they are different and not just exactly like others.
Included on this recording are:
1. Black Orpheus … Louis Bonfa (2:30)
2. Take Five … Paul Desmond (7:02)
3. My Favorite Things … Richard Rodgers (8:13)
4. Smile … Charlie Chaplin (4:01)
5. Nuages …Django Reinhardt (4:12)
6. Summertime … George Gershwin (5:15)
7. All The Things You Are … Jerome Kern (4:10)
8. Bluesette … Toots Thielemans (3:45)
9. Happiness … Nihad Hrustanbegovic (2:06)
10. Sky Blue – Rhapsody of Freedom … Nihad Hrustanbegovic (5:00)
One may hear the rather famous tunes included in a much different manner than so often heard.
The two original pieces by Hrustanbegovic are very interesting, particularly Sky Blue-Rhapsody of Freedom. He shows his ability as a composer and interpreter to hold the attention of the listener. The familiar compositions by composers well-known throughout the world are given outstanding treatments and indicate Nihad is indeed quite capable of improvising alongside the best. He rarely states the complete source before beginning his own interpretations and improvisations. More often he seems to use many short motifs and embellish them quite fully before moving on to the next improvisation.
He shows technical skill and development in both hands, something so often lacking in jazz accordionists in that he uses his left hand as easily as his right hand, the usual bending of reeds, vibrato, bellows shakes and various accented punctuations through control of his bellows so often expected of accordionists, although he is judicious in his choices. The artist, who has performed with several noteworthy musicians, and in very well-known concert halls, has received rare publicity naming him as, “one of the best accordéon players in the world.” Indeed, he has also been given great credits for his efforts in elevating the status of the instrument! Mr. Hrustanbegovic is one of the many outstanding accordionists now contributing to the popularity of the instrument in commercial circles throughout the world. Through his compositions for a variety of purposes, such as theatre, dance, TV and radio, as well as through personal concert appearances, he is demonstrating the artistic values of the accordion to a larger population of listeners.
It appears Mr. Hrustanbegovic will have a long and very successful career ahead of him, based on the impressive list of accomplishments presently shown. Support him when possible by attending one of his live concerts as well as through purchase of his several recordings. He shows promise as both performer and composer and is a musician from whom audiences will indeed continue to hear even more about.
The recording “Black Orpheus” is enjoyable to hear and is widely available. The website of Nihad Hrustanbgovic lists many ways in which to obtain his several recordings. His website, in fact, is quite outstanding and interesting to read. Go to for more information His e-mail address is:

Reviewed: December 2013 by Joan Cochran Sommers